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Re: Filipinos in Australia

Monday, October 20, 2008 11:55 PM


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Excerpts from Website:


Queensland Parliamentary Papers Mixed Marriages 1903 - 1908


      Queensland Parliamentary Papers -

      Chief Protector of Aborigines Annual Reports

      Mixed Marriages

      1903 - 1908



Domingo Xeromenes, a Filipino, of good character, and many years

      resident at Thursday Island. Eleanor Roas, the fifteen-year-old

      daughter of Raymond Roas, a Filipino, by Mary Kass, a Torres Strait

      Islander (the father consenting).



Lucio Rosario, a Filipino, twenty years resident of Thursday Island,

      and of good character. Sepe, a Murray Islander.



      Macario, a Filipino, of Cooktown. Maggie, of the Starcke River.


      Pelay, a Filipino, eleven years'resident at Thursday Island, and of

      good character. Johanna Favian, a Filipino aboriginal half-caste





      Pirmines Monmarible, Filipino, ten years resident at Thursday Island;

      of good character. Margarita Maria, of Yam Island.







     permission was refused in the case of:

        Rosie, aboriginal, of Noble Island: Pausto Billows, Manila man,

        of Cooktown





      Mary Ann, a half-caste girl, 22 years of age, to a Manila man. Atherton.



      Lavinia, a native of Yam Island, to a Manila man. Thursday Island








      A.      Aborigine

      H.C.    Half-caste

      S.S.I.  South Sea Islander

      P.I.    Pacific Islander

      F.P.I.  French Pacific Island



Deborah Ruiz Wall, ‘The Pigram Brothers: a top Aboriginal band talk about their Filipino heritage’, KASAMA Vol. 21 No. 2/April-June 2007, pp. 10-1


The Pigram Brothers, a well known seven-man band from Broome are descendants of Thomas Puertollano, a Filipino man from Mindanao who married an Aboriginal woman in the 1880s Their great grandfather made an enormous contribution to the setting up of the Catholic missions at Disaster Bay and Lombadina. Historian, Regina Ganter wrote… that the breakthrough for the missionaries was based on Puertollano’s pioneering work…existing archival records with oral history obtained from Theresa Puertollano, Thomas’ daughter… Lombadina, a property of 20,000 acres…in 1916, Fr John Creagh, Rector of the Redemptorist Monastery in Perth…bought the land for 1100 and the lease was transferred from Thomas Puertollano to Creagh’s brother


Where I stand, blood stains
the sunburnt soil,
mute witness to the cry
of the oppressed, repressed, dispossessed.
Close your eyes, stand still and tune in
to the requiem of the wind
echoing continuing
unresolved conflict
and unpaid debt.

‘Empathy key’ you shoved
in my hands –
is that what I need to perceive
why the phantoms
of a ‘vanquished’ race make
their apparition in conferences,
stage walkouts to pierce
our multicultural conscience
with their omnipresence?

Pray, let us not slay them once more
with our word swords
to nullify their blazing anger.
True, history we cannot reconstruct
but must we repeatedly rape
their right for a name
with our ‘multicultural’ fortress
to conceal the remnants of our sins?

‘Mirror their needs’ indeed
but through the looking glass
of repressed history.
Close your eyes, stand still and tune in
to the requiem of the wind –
the woes of a people
fearing a fresh invasion
on an alternative front.

Poem by  Deborah Ruiz Wall
Philippine native; recipient of 2004 Order of Australia Medal


Heriverto Zarcal, Filipino arr in Thursday Island, Australia 5/1892; was successful in the pearl-shell industry in 1895; became a naturalised British subject in Queensland in 5/1897

Lorenzo Gamboa, Sgt, Filipino w/ WW11 U.S. Army evacuated to Australia with General Douglas MacArthur; married Joyce; a Melbourne woman & had 2 children; was discharged from the army in 1946; became a U.S. citizen; post-war: Australian Wartime Refugees Removal Act in 1949 deported him to Philippines; was allowed to go back to Australia after his wife lodged a complaint to the United Nations

Other resources: Keep Him my Heart play by Gary Lee (from Darwin) A Larrakia-Filipino Love Story, 1993, based on the life of Antonio Cubillo, his great-grandfather, who arrived in 1895 met and married Magdalena ‘Lily’ McKeddie, a mixed race local Larrakia woman. Antonio from Calape, Bohol was a Spanish ship cabin boy They had ten children.


Natalie, 25, Torres Strait Islander, Winnellie NT

born; raised in Darwin. mother from Torres Strait, a Malaysian, Filipino, Japanese, Portuguese and Macassan; father, a white Australian, also an Irish & Spanish, lot of family are from Thursday Island, which is part of the Torres Strait. Music is a big part of our family and they sing and write their own songs about living up there



Dr. PETA STEPHENSON book. The Outsiders Within aboutAsians’ and ‘Aborigines’; history of Indigenous and Asian cross cultural union. Book order info: UNSW Press

University of New South Wales

Sydney NSW 2052


or online at



1897 Queensland Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act,

The 1901 amendment also made it illegal for…all..‘Asiatics’ to marry an Aborigine without first getting written permission from the Aboriginal Protector..The exemption of the pearl–shelling industry from the White Australia Policy saw the arrival of thousands of Asian indentured laborers each year in…Broome, Darwin and Thursday Island…from Japan, China, Indonesia, West Timor, Singapore, the Philippines In the absence of Asian women, the indentured labourers readily entered relationships with Aboriginal women…. An Aboriginal woman [the daughter of an Aboriginal mother and Filipino father] was interned with her Japanese husband and their children at the outset of World War II. When her husband was sent off to be imprisoned with captive troops, she was forced to remain behind in detention with four of their children to look after, not knowing when they would be releasedher mental health deteriorated after a few years. She was then put into a mental institution and her children were removed to a convent

The Mayor of Manila, Antonio J Villegas and members of the Bayanihan Dance Company met in Melbourne at a ceremony on 10 April 1964, to honour the memory of the first President of the Philippines, Manuel L Quezon, at the house of the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Councellor E Leo Curtis. This was the house used during World War II by President Quezon as the seat of Government when the Philippines were occupied by the Japanese. A plaque on the house, which reads "Manuel Quezon, First President of the Philippines, lived here after the fall of Corregidor, 1942", commemorates the occupation of the house by the exiled Government - Cristina Matias, a member of the Bayanihan Dance Company, places a wreath at the plaque to commemorate the wartime role of the house and also to mark the death of General Macarthur watched by Mrs Villegas (left), Antonio J Villegas and Mrs E L Curtis [photographic image] / photographer, Cliff Bottomley. 1 photographic negative: b&w, acetate

From: crl0309 <xxxxx>
Subject: [Worldwide-Filipino -Alliance] Re:
Memorial plaque for Pinoy typhoon victims unveiled in Australia
Date: Sunday, December 6, 2009, 11:36 PM

MANILA, Philippines - A memorial plaque dedicated to Filipinos who perished in typhoons "Ondoy" and "Pepeng" was unveiled at the Pinegrove Memorial Park in Minchinbury, New South Wales, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said yesterday.

The Philippine Consulate General in Sydney reported to the DFA that the plaque is now a permanent marker in a section of the cemetery called the "Filipino Memorial of Christ the Risen Lord."

Consul General Eva Betita and Invocare general manager Arman Mikaelian were present at the unveiling held during solemn rituals concelebrated by the priests of the Filipino Chaplaincies of the Sydney and Parramatta Dioceses.

As of Nov. 15, the Filipino community in New South Wales had donated at least A$470,000 in assistance funds, as well as over 1,400 boxes of relief goods and 21 pallets of canned food products totaling over 26 metric tons, to the victims of the recent floods.

The Australian government gave A$3 million in relief assistance to the calamity victims.

http://www.philstar .com/Article. aspx?articleId= 530249&publicati onSubCategoryId= 63


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