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Fishermen & Saw Mill Worker in Alabama



            1880 Census Baldwin Alabama

            Birthplace: “Manilla; w/ estimated yr of birth


            #1 Sibleys Mills


Jno. Domingo born 1838 Manilla; fisherman (wife Eliza J. Domingo born Alabama; parents born Ireland) (daughter born Alabama)


Augustine E. Dubet born 1835 Manilla fisherman (wife Rosanna Dubet born Alabama; parents born Ireland) (Louisiana daughter; born Alabama)


Bacinte Ferris born 1848 Manilla fisherman (wife-Mary Ferris born Alabama; parents born Ireland)


           #2 Courthouse page 197


Guallerio Alvarez born 1842 Manilla fisherman (wife Elizabeth Alvarez 37y born Alabama) (daughter Louisa Alvarez 5y; born Alabama


Joseph Benardo born 1843 Manilla; fisherman residing w/ Guallerio Alvarez


Thomas Domingo born 1840 Manilla fisherman (living w/ Mary Jane Domingo, 21y born Alabama, keeping house)


Victor Francisco born 1820 Manilla; fisherman (wife-Lydia Francisco born 1840 SC; laborer) (step-daughters-born Alabama; father born Va Clara born 1870 & Elizabeth, born 1875)


Zobar Guallirmo born 1842 Manilla; fisherman


Casanto Mashvill born 1840; fisherman Manilla (wife Emily Mashvill born 1842; housekeeper) (daughters-born Alabama Martha born 1878; Anna born 1879) (stepdaughter- Fanny Howard born 1862 Alabama) (step-sons father born Alabama all last name-Quinny >John born 1867; Jeff born 1868; Samuel born 1874


Pedro Salino born 1852 Alabama; fisherman; father born Manilla; mother born Alabama


Phillip Santus born 1842 Manilla; fisherman


Martin Williams born 1841 Manilla works in sawmill


       #3 Mobile


Collier born 1820 Manilla; fisherman




Source:1900 Census Sibleys Mill, Baldwin, Alabama

           Birthplace: Philippines; w/ estimated yr of birth


Peter Abatis born 1855 Philippines; fisherman; immigrated 1890 (wife Cloranna born 11/1880 Alabama; father born Philippines) (daughter Rosetta born 6/1895 Alabama)


Peo Botona born 1869 Philippines; fisherman; immigrated 1894 (wife-Maud born 6/1887 Michigan; father born England; mother born Michigan)


Andres Delarm born 8/1872 Philippines; fisherman (wife-Rebecca born 4/1873 Alabama) (son-John born 6/1894 Alabama; daughter-Alphia 1/1897 Alabama)


Tony Floris born 1853 Philippines; fisherman; immigrated 1888


Augustine Marquez born 1825 Philippines; fisherman; immigrated 1865  fsmily # & household # 236 238 (wife Rosanna born 1854 Alabama; parents born in Ireland) (son-Johnny born 1886 Alabama) (Notes by:Maria Embry-found the entry in the same page w/ the other Filipino fishermen


Ambers/Antons Olientez/Olinty born 1856 Philippines; fisherman; (wife 28y born Alabama; daughter born 1897 Alabama)  notes by Maria Embry-info both appeared in pages 15b & 10B of the Census, but appears to refer to the same individual; entries very blurred


Cathle Reyas 1871 Philippines; immigrated 1890; fisherman (wife Tomasena born 9/1878 Alabama; father born Philippines; mother born Alabama) (daughters: Dona born 2/1896; Leona born 4/1898) (mother of Tomasene-Liza J. Sola born 1/1855 Alabama; parents born Ireland)


1900 Key West Monroe Florida Census


Nicholas Fernandez born 1871 Philippines; immigrated 1890; laundryman; boarding @ Lee Wing; family & household # 07-216


1900 Bagdad, Santa Rosa Florida Census


John Gomez born 1844 Philippines; immigrated 1870; fisherman (wife-Mary Elizabeth born 8/1849 Georgia) (step-son David born 7/1880 Florida; step-daughter Minnie born 5/1885 Florida)


1900 Brunswick Glynn Georgia Census


Salvador Pascool born 8/1848 Philippines immigrated 1864; hospital attendant


1870 Nez Perce Lewiston 1st District Idaho Census Territorial National Archives T-8 Roll #48 page 4 line19 Dwelling 59 Family 52 Source: US gen web


Carlos Barcilco; 35 yrs old, born Manila; occupation: gambler; pers. Estate $1000

Codes 12 & 13: parents foreign birth


1900 Iowa City Johnson Iowa Census


Alejandria Gonzales born 1885 Philippines; immigrated 1899; nurse; lodger @ the household of Kate Rogers


1900 Sedan Chautauqua Kansas Census


Juan Guriendo born 12/1889 Philippines; @ school; ward of Malone Chill


1870 & 1880 Salem Ward 5 Essex Massachusetts Census


Jose Margati born 1841 Manila; bookkeeper father born in Spain; mother born in Manila; (wife Sarah 28y born Mass.) (daughters-born Mass. Dolores 5y; Marianna 3y)

Listed again in 1880 census @ Lafayette St. w/ wife & 2 daughters


1880 Chelsea Suffolk Massachusetts Census


Peter Sands born 1850 Manilla; seaman; parents born Manila


1870 U.S. Census Mortality Schedule Michigan


Mary Ann Agose 70yrs old; died in Leehanau, Leelaau Michigan in the census year of 1870; born in Michigan race: Fil


1880 U.S. Census Mortality Schedule Michigan


Bisnay Michell 1 yr old; died in Sault Sainte Marie Chippewa Michigan in the census yr of 1880; born Michigan race: Fil


1900 Ward 5 Hennepin Minneapolis Minnesota Census


Francesco Roque born 10/1883 Philippines; servant in the household of Gregory Waller


1900 Ward 1 Douglas South Omaha Nebraska Census


Raymondo Oben born 2/1882 Philippines; boarder; @ school; immigrated 1899; household of Erwin Fowl household & family# 288-97


1910 Caliente Precinct Lincoln Nevada Census


Francisco De Vera born1890 Philippines; Cook’s Assistant; immigrated 1901


1870 Austin Ward 2 Lander Nevada Census


L.Graciano born 1834 Philippines; woodpacker household# 152


1870 Virginia City Storey Nevada Census


Jose Maria born 1838 Manila; laborer; real estate property $200; household# 1616


1880 Oxford Warren New Jersey Census


Basillo Montes born 1835 Manilla; works on R.R.; wife-Hannorah


1880 Summit Union New Jersey Census


John Francis born 1835 Manilla Spain; laborer; parents born Spain; wife-Ellen Francis


1850 Ward 4 New York Census


Francis Manuel born 1817 Manilla


1850 Ward 5 New York Census


Peter Hofmmarov born 1825 Manilla

Joseph Suriano born 1817 Manilla


1860 Middletown Richmond New York Census


John Roderick born 1826 Manila


1870 Ward 8 District 7 New York Census


Reanor Flores (Male) born 1811 Manilla


1880 Brooklyn New York Census


Horatio F. Camp born 1855 Manilla; occupation: Commission Merchant wife: Jennie C.

Basil Delosantos born 1840 Manilla; occupation: seaman (Naval Hospital on Flushing Ave)


1880 Manhattan New York Census


Philip Dela Caus born 1852 Manila Spain; occupation: sailors


1900 Ward 30 Brooklyn New York Census


Pius Savierino born 5/1845 Philippines; occupation: Steward; immigrated 1860; listed w/ Rossana (wife; born 4/1864 NY father born Japan; mother born Ireland); sons: George (born 4/1889 NY) Prudence (born 9/1898 NY); daughters: Theodora (born 8/1891 NY) Josephine (born 1/1894 NY)


1900 & 1910 Ward 1 District 1337 Richmond New York Census

Joseph P.Tagle born 1824 Philippines; inmate; immigration 1845; mariner; also listed 1850 Lancaster Erie New York Census occupation: farmer &1870 Ward 18; District 11 New York Census; occupation: (?) roof



1880 Pendleton Umatilla Oregon Census


Carlos Ebecelo born 1835 Manilla, laborer


Francisco Flores born 1809 Cebu; died 1917 Rockfort Texas, a freighter cabin boy arr. @ 1822 Port Isabel Texas; later owned a fishing business with two schooners. At 40 married Augustina Gonzales; moved to Rockport. Source:

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