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Researcher: Maria Elizabeth Embry

                  Hamlin Ct

                  Antioch California



Jose P. Laurel born 3/9/1891 Tanauan, Batangas Doctor of Civil Law, Yale University, 1920 Senator (1925-1931; 1951-57); SC Associate Justice (1935-1941); Actg. Chief Justice 12/8/1941; President of the Japanese-made “Republic of the Philippines As president, he did everything in his power to mitigate the atrocities of the Japanese conquerors, and alleviate the sufferings of his people. indicted of collaboration with the Japanese; set free after  Pres Manuel Roxas 1948, Amnesty Proclamation

Josefa Madamba Llanes (Mrs Antonio Escoda); born 9/20/1898 Dingras Ilocos Norte; sent by the American Red Cross to study @ the New York School of Social Work (1925); cared for military interns during the Death March; husband was arrested 6/1944; Josefa was arrested & imprisoned in Fort Santiago 9/1944 & was last seen 1/6/1945 in FEU; presumed executed and buried in an unmarked grave in the La Loma Cemetery. A street and a building named and a monument dedicated to her; also depicted on 1000-peso bill as one of three Filipinos martyred by the Japanese Armed Forces; Philippines Stamps were issued in her honor; founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines & a women’s rights advocate

Vicente Lim ** West Point grad 1914; executed by the Japanese

Joaquin LOPEZ born 1894 Manila Philippines; arr via Buenos Aires 9/10/1913 w/ Nicanor Cruz “mother Bonifacia” “scholar University of PA

Saturnino Lopez ** from Nueva Ecija; an engineer; executed by the Japanese during WW11

Monico Bale Luis, Sr. ** born 5/4/1904 Laoag, Ilocos Norte died 7/9/1989 Waipahu, Hawaii. buried Golden Gate National Cemetery California; student/pensionado in California; later a sakada in Hawaii; & a WW2 veteran Tec Sgt Army 2nd Filipino Infantry


Nicasio MAGNILAN born 1886 Tobegon Bacolod Negros arr via Seneca 10/7/1907 w/ Pedro Torrefranca “ecclesiastical student St. Bernard College Rochester NY” resident of Iloilo Panay father Severino of Negros Occidental

Antonio Montellano Martinez born 2/2/1929 Vigan, Ilocos Sur; Masters of Laws (LLM) Constitutional Law, University of Michigan, 1965-1966 Clyde Dewitt Fellow SC Associate Justice (1997-1999)

Vicente V. Mendoza born 4/5/1933 Macabebe, Pampanga LL.M. degree conferred by Yale Law School (1971), awarded Fellowship

Visiting Scholar; Harvard Law School (1976) Legion of Honor, (Order of DeMolay, 1997) SC Associate Justice (1994-2002)

Gaudencio Menor born 1906 Philippines; listed 1930 census Brooklyn New York; w/ fellow students-Paul Avancena (born 1902) Jose Fernandez (born 1900), Gaudencio Menor (born 1906), Rustico Perucho (born 1905); Godofredo Alinio born 1895

Pedro MONLIEN born 1893 Philippines arr via Antonio Lopez 10/12/1911 “scholar

Manuel B. MONTES born 1889 Manila Philippines arr via Montevideo 8/10/1910 w/ mother Victoria Lanura “student

Francisco MUNOZ born 1893 Philippines arr via Antonio Lopez 10/12/1911 w/ Aniceto Cordiro “student” “from Bautan” Philippines (Bautan-town in Bohol notes by M.E. Embry)


Antonio OLANO born 1893 Bohol Philippines arr via Montevideo 6/10/1911 “student”  “passage paid by Mr. Willard K. Bachiller; lives w/ Mr. Bachiller” “father Petronilo”

Vicente Ylagan Orosa ** born 10/5/1889 Taal, Batangas, pensionado 1906 @ University of Illinois BS Engineering (1911). (outstanding alumnus 1963) Secretary of Dept of Public Works (1955-)

Camilo Olaviano Osias ** born 3/23/1889 Balaoan, La Union; died 5/20/1976 Manila

1905.pensionado @ the University of Chicago & Western Illinois State Teachers College & Teachers College of Columbia University New York City; first Filipino Superintendent of Schools (1915-1916) Senator (1925; 1947-953; 1961-1967), Senate President 1951; 1953; U.S. Resident Commissioner (1929-1935); Secretary of Education until 1945.


Teodoro de los Reyes Padilla born 8/24/1927; Masters of Laws (LLM), Harvard Law School, (1952) SC Associate Justice (1987-1997)


Cecilia Muñoz-Palma born 11/22/1913 Master of Laws, Yale University, 1954 SC Associate Justice (1973-1978)

Francisco PALMA born 1889 Malabon Philippines arr via Montevideo 1/10/1911, a student "passage paid by Manuel L. Quezon, Resident Commissioner USA in Philippines" "going to Manuel L. Quezon Wash D.C." “father Santiago Palma Real St Malabon Philippines


Alfred PARDO DE TAVERA born 1888; died 8/21/1928 arr via La Touraine 9/11/1904 w/ brother Charles “The Taft School Watertown Connecticut” (son of Dr Trinidad H. Pardo De Tavera)

Carlos “Charles” PARDO DE TAVERA born 1889 Manila Philippines arr La Touraine 9/11/1904 w/ brother Alfred “student” arr Lafayette 8/13/1924 (Notes by M.E. Embry:  Carlos-son of Dr. Trinidad H. Pardo De Tavera (1857-1925) and father of Dr Mita Pardo De Tavera (1920-2007) Phil. Sect of Social Welfare

Rustico Perucho born 1905 Philippines; listed 1930 census Brooklyn New York; w/ fellow students-Paul Avancena (born 1902) Jose Fernandez (born 1900), Gaudencio Menor (born 1906), Rustico Perucho (born 1905); Godofredo Alinio (born 1895)

Bai Matabay Namli Plang ** died 1984, a Maguindanaw princess, social worker & educator from Kabacan founded the University of Southern Mindanao (USM); & Cotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology (CFCST). wife of Congressman Salipada Pendatun (notes by M.E. Embry learned about this princess from Pociano Del Valle, my grdfather who was a pre-WW2 homesteader in Kidapawan Cotobato)


Camilo D. Quiason born 7/18/1925 Manila; Fullbright Scholar and SLC Fellow, Southwestern Legal Center, Dallas, Texas, SC Associate Justice (1993-1995)


Fidel Ramos born 1928; West Point grad (1950); President of the Philippines 1992-1998

Roberto Regala born 6/7/1897 Bacolor, Pampanga; Doctorate in Civil Laws, Yale University; Special Studies in Constitutional Law and International Law, University of Chicago, Oxford University and Sorbonne, Paris SC Associate Justice (1962-1975)


Florenz D. Regalado born 10/13/1928 Concepcion, Iloilo; Master of Laws: University of Michigan, 1963 SC Associate Justice (1988-1998)


Pablo RIVERA born 1/16/1893 Orion Philippines arr via Berlin 9/8/1913 “going to Georgetown University” (Washington) “father Estanislao”

Alfredo Hidalgo RIZAL born 1882 Philippines arr via S.S. Majestic 9/26/1907 marital status-single "student @ Harvard University" (Notes by M.E. Embry-birthname: Alfredo Rizal Hidalgo nephew of Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine national hero; son of Saturnina Mercado Rizal & Manuel Hidalgo; B.S Law School National University Wash D.C. speaker Anti-Imperialist League Missouri Exposition Speech 12/1907 about 1904 World’s Fair.  Dr. Jose Rizal wrote to his nephew on 12/20/1893, “Go ahead then; study, study, and meditate well what you study. Life is a very serious thing and only those with intelligence and heart go through it worthily. To live is to be among men and to be among men is to struggle. But this struggle is not a brutal and material struggle with men alone; it is a struggle with errors and preoccupations. It is an eternal struggle with a smile on the lips and tears in the heart. On this battlefield man has no better weapons than his intelligence, no other force but his heart. Sharpen, perfect, polish then your mind and fortify and educate your heart.” Other source of info about Alfredo:Philippine Supreme Court: G.R.# L43748 7/31/1937; G.R.No.L-45534 4/27/1939 Josefa Rizal Mercado, et al vs. Alfredo Hidalgo Rizal defendant-appellee; G.R. No. L-46100 5/26/1939 Alfredo, petitioner; Josefa, respondent regarding properties left by Paciano Mercado Rizal  (lawyers for Alfredo  Claro M. Recto Jose C. Abreu & Hidalgo Rizal ) (lawyers for Josefa Jose Perez Cardenas & Casal)

Flerida Ruth P. Romero born 8/1/1929 Tondo Manila; LL.M., Indiana University School of Law, 1955 (Outstanding Alumna 2000); SC Associate Justice1991-1999

Antonio ROSALES born 1895 Manila Philippines arr via Buenos Airesscholar” father Jose Barcelona Spain

Antonio ROXAS born Manila Philippines arr via Aquitania 9/8/1922 w/ Jacob & Alfonso Zobel “uncle Henry Zobel”  Notre Dame University


Olivia D. Salamanca ** born 7/1/1889 San Roque  Cavite;Drexel Institute of Tech Pa grad 1910; passed Medicine exam(1910); died fr. TB 1913 in Hongkong @ 24 yrs of age

Bienvenido Santos ** born 1911 Tondo Manila; died 1996; pensionado to the University of Illinois, Columbia & Harvard University; writer; World War II, served with the Philippine government in exile under President Manuel L. Quezon in Washington, D.C. together with the playwright Severino Montano and Jose Garcia Villa; Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards (1956, 1961, 1965); Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship; long-time U.S. resident; La Salle University Creative Writing Center named after him.


Guillermo S. Santos born 1/23/1915 Valenzuela, Manila; Judge Advocate Course, Air University, USAF, Alabama, SC Associate Justice (1977-1980)


Jose Abad Santos ** born 2/19/1886 San Fernando, Pampanga;1904 pensionado George Washington University 1909; Speaker of the House of Representatives. SC Chief Justice 1941-1942 (associate 1932-1941) Pres. Quezon appointed him Actg Pres. during the war; captured 4/11/1942 in Carcar, Cebu. executed by Japanese forces 5/2/1942 in Malabang, Lanao del Sur

Vicente Abad Santos born 7/12/1916 Concepcion, Tarlac; Master of Laws, Harvard University SC Associate Justice (1979-1986)


Max TAPANLANGIT born 1887 Pontevedra Negros Philippines arr via Antonio Lopez 5/13/1913 w/ Ramon Exito; “father Esteban Rizal St” “student” “friend Wallen Ellwood Armsterdam NY

Pedro TORREFRANCA born 1888 Bohol Philippines arr via Seneca 10/7/1907 w/ Nicasio Magnilan “mother Andrea Ahita of Bohol” “eccllesiastical student @ St. Mary’s College Belmont NC “ (now Belmont Abbey College Gaston County; Father Pedro Torrefranca; later Pedro was  parish priest @ Our Lady of Light Parish Poblacion Loon Bohol 5/8/1960-1962 -M.E. Embry)


Salvador UNSON born 1892 Philippines arr via Buenos Aires 9/10/1913 w/ Vicente Fabella “destination Chicago Illinois” “student” “relative Pedro Unson Pagsanghan”



Jose Garcia Villa born 8/5/1908 Manila; died 2/7/1977 New York; known for his comma & reverse consonance rhyme scheme poems; granted Guggenheim & Bollingen Foundation Fellowships; studied @ University of Mexico & Columbia University; Literature Award from the Academy of Arts & Letters (1943); director poetry workshop City College of New York (1952-1960); Cultural Attache @ Phil U.N. Mission (1952-1963); vice-consul 1965; Philippine National Artist (1972) (I was told by one of his long-time student that J.G. Villa “taught poetry @ his New York apartment-workshop to people from all walks of life” notes by  M.E. Embry)


Alfonso ZOBEL born 1905 Manila Philippines arr via Santa Ana 8/29/1921; “last place of residence: 6 Paseo de la Castellano Madrid, Spain; w/ Jacob, brother; both in U.S. 7/3/1920; going to Notre Dame University; student”; arr via Aquitania 9/8/1922 w/ Jacob, brother; & Antonio Roxas; “son of Henry (Enrique & Consuelo) Chalet Anglade St. Jende loberz France; both in the U.S. 1919 1922; 2 ½ yrs; last place of residence Notre Dame USA; language: Spanish, French & English; (father of Jaime Zobel de Ayala, the CEO of Ayala Co).

Jacob ZOBEL born 1902 Manila Philippines arr via Santa Ana 8/29/1921; “last place of residence: 6 Paseo de la Castellano Madrid, Spain; w/ Alfonso, brother; both in U.S. 7/3/1920; going to Notre Dame University; student”; arr via Aquitania 9/8/1922 w/ Alfonso, brother; & Antonio Roxas; “son of Henry (Enrique & Consuelo) Chalet Anglade St. Jende loberz France; both in the U.S. 1919 1922; 2 ½ yrs; last place of residence Notre Dame USA; language: Spanish, French & English; (Jacob, Col Army; Bataan Death March survivor, POW Capas; military aide to Pres. Manuel L. Quezon; consultant to Pres. Quirino, Roxas & Magsaysay; father of Enrique “Ezzo”; husband of Angela Olgado) Notes by M.E. Embry


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