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RP Ambassador in South Africa Attends Cape Town Memorial Ceremony in Remembrance of First Filipino Settlers


13 September 2010 - The Philippine Embassy in South Africa reported that Ambassador Mario L. de Leon, Jr. attended a memorial ceremony in remembrance of the first Filipino settlers in Kalk Bay, a picturesque fishing village in Cape Town.

The event was held on September 5 at Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic Church, chronicled by Cape's historians and journalists as the first Catholic Church in Cape Town attended by Filipinos who settled in Kalk Bay as early as 1840. Present during the event were local government and consular officials in Cape Town, namely Executive Mayor Dan Plato, Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson, Ward Counsellor and Executive Mayor of Simonstown Nicki Holderness, Indonesian Consul General Sugie Harijadi and Philippine Honorary Consul Allan Harvey.
In his welcome remarks, Ambassador de Leon highlighted the major role of the first Filipino settlers in Cape Town, who contributed to the growth of the fishing industry and the development of a vibrant Catholic community in the Kalk Bay area.

He also recognized the unique role of the Filipino descendants who continue to exhibit pride for their heritage and are living testimonies to Philippine-South African relations for the past 150 years.

The ceremony started with a mass service at Sts. Simon and Jude Church followed by the unveiling of the cross and plaque dedicated to the first Filipinos in the Cape of South Africa.
After the ceremony, a finger lunch at the Church's reception hall was held, where Ambassador de Leon met with families of the Filipino descendants, led by Ms. Shirley Assam and her husband Gerard.END

Filipinos in South Africa by the following descendants

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Monday, October 20, 2008 12:12 PM



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Peter Valcarcel
Ashford Surrey UK


Placido Quimpo born 1853 Panay Philippines (died 1934 South Africa); son of Brigido Quimpo; Placido immigrated to South Africa in 1890 to set up a fishing village with other Filipino families on the False Bay coast line (Kalk Bay); married Anne-Maria Hermenhildo (born 1863 Philippines; died 1952 immigrated South Africa 1890)
their daughter Louisa Quimpo born 1899; died 1994
m 1921 Juan Valcarcel born 1894 Manila, a merchant seaman who as a result of an injury sustained at sea was landed at Cape Town in 1920 and hospitalised to recover. Juan liked the place and the people ( the Filipino community in Cape Town) and decided to stay in Cape Town.
their son: Reginald Placido Valcarcel born 3/11/1923 Cape Town SA; died 5/1976
Rosetta Christina Carelse (born 3/3/1926 Cape Town SA 11/7/1963)
all their children born in Cape Town South Africa:

Anthony born 1948; married Margaret
Michael born 1959; died 1999 married Debbie Veldsman
John born 1960 married
June born 1951
married Wener Rodic
Glenda born 1952
married Peter Campbell

Peter born 1953 married Elizabeth Joy Winter

Lucille born 1956


Felix FLOREZ born: JUL 1844 in
Philippines Panay Island
death: 1 MAR 1884 in Kalk Bay
Pickling barrel accident.
Death certificate states he left
movable property only, Maria Florez
signed death certificate with an 'x' 
this information from
Walter Veldsman his sources are :
Clive Solomons - verbal Discussions
April 2001
In the Family history they tell
about Felix Florez coming to South Africa aboard the Alabama
a confederate raider
Both the funnel and propellor were
                                    moveable, to aid her when running
                                    under full sail with the wind. 
                                    Her funnel could be lowered to deck
                                    level, and her screw raised from
                                    the sea, giving her a cruising
                                    speed of 13 knots. 
Notice the funnel on the photo is lowered .

CSS Alabama enters Table Bay at 10:00 AM August 5, 1863.
She is increasing speed in order to capture the Sea Bride
before she can escape to within one league
of S.African territorial waters.

Felix Florez and Maria Hendrina Chapman
had 5 children: 4 daughters and one son

Franzina Elisabeth Florez
Suzanne Alida Florez
Maria Florez
Lucy Ann Florez

Michael Torento Florez

trails of the family on NAS[Flores/z]
NAS (National Archives South Africa)

Franzina Elisabeth Florez
was born april 21 1871 Steenberg Retreat
           died 05-08-1959 age 88 years
           married : Christian May Adams
           He was born Dec 27 1862 in Paarl
            died 24-08-1947 age 84 years 8 months
            They had 13 Children 10 boys and 3 girls 
             Children of Franzina and Christian May 

Suzanne Alida Florez
born dec 31 1874 died sept 1 1946
             married :James Thomas Fish  
             born jul 23 1870 died jul 26 1932
             They had 8 children 4 sons 4 daughters

Maria Florez     
              baptized 25jul 1877
               married an englishman ?? Churchhill??

Lucy Ann Florez         
born 15 dec 1878
               married  Charles Dennis

Michael Torento Florez 
      "Uncle Baasie"
        baptized  26 jun  1883

 Franzina Elizabeth Florez at the funeral of her husband


Suzanne Alida Florez Fish

Maria Francis Florez

This picture comes from an article in
the Cape Town Weekend Magazine
from 1946 Oct 5 page 3.

Here's a picture with Michael Florez, Francis Adams,Viola Adams,
Stiny Adams and the shy girl hiding behind francis must be Gladys

Some of the family, posing with each others hat.
Click on face for more info..
[see a bigger picture]

Walter Veldsman

  (#1 type Felix Florez; #2 select the name w/ spouse Maria Hendrina Chapman)


Name: Susanah Alida FLOREZ Birth: 31 DEC 1874 Baptism: 1 JAN 1874 St James Church Kalk Bay 1 Death: 1 SEP 1946 in 71 yrs 9 months. St Siprians in Retreat 2 Occupation: Housewife Note: 7 day adventist later in life

daughter of Felix Florez

Marriage 1 James Thomas FISH b: 23 JUL 1870 in Kalk Bay. Cape Town

Married: in St Michaels RC Church Rondebosch Cape 3 3


James William Thomas FISH b: 7 APR 1895

Winifred Francis FISH b: 26 FEB 1897

Florence Emily FISH b: 15 MAY 1899

Sidney Adolf FISH b: 17 DEC 1901

Walter Leslie FISH b: 19-06-1904

Erica Irene FISH b: 5 MAY 1907

Irene Nancy FISH b: 12 SEP 1909

Olga Geraldine FISH b: 21 MAY 1912

Leonard Felix FISH b: 6 JUN 1914

Lorna Syble FISH b: 10 MAR 1922


Abbrev: St James Baptism Register
St James Baptism Register

Abbrev: estate file no 4482/46 cape archives
estate file no 4482/46 cape archives

Abbrev: see page field
Page: y


Researcher: Christopher Winn, grdson of:

a Filipina Francisca (or Francesca) Veronica Macranus married St James Catholic Church Kalk Bay Cape Town May 1900 Rev John Duigman

and her husband Francis Vincent, born 1870 son of a Filipino John Dela Cruz and Elizabeth Winn of Liverpool

Francis, settled in Capetown & changed his last name to Winn



Written by Bobby Reyes Wednesday, 03 October 2007 15:33

A week after Jose P. Rizal Mercado met his martyrdom at then Luneta Park in Manila, 13 Bicolano patriots were executed also by firing squad at the same place.

Since then, most of the people paid homage to the 13 heroes and some barrios in the Bicol Region were named after them. In the town of Casiguran, Province of Sorsogon, there is Trece Martires barrio (now called barangay) named after the 13 Bicolano patriots.

It was the University of Nueva Caceres (UNC) in Naga City (Province of Camarines Sur) that started in the early 1970s the correction of Bicol history. The UNC University Press printed a mimeographed booklet in 1972 called the "Readings on Bikol Culture." Mrs. Lydia San Jose edited it. It corrected the wrong belief that there were only 13 Bicol martyrs. Eventually the city authorities recognized the correction and a monument for the 15 Bicolano martyrs was constructed in downtown Naga City.

There is an island in West-Central Africa with a name that some Filipino think was named after one of their matinee idols. The Spaniards called it the Isla de Fernando Po. (Some maps and history books also spelled it as "Poo.") When the Republic of Equatorial Guinea was created in the early 1970s, the largest island in the country, Fernando Po, was renamed "Bioko."

The island of Fernando Po may not mean much in the Philippine history but it has a special meaning and symbolism for Bicolanos.

During the 19th-century war of independence against Spain, the name "Fernando Po" struck fear in the hearts of Filipino revolutionaries. It was the place of exile for some Filipinos found guilty of rebellion by the Spanish War Council.

Further research by Bicolano historians showed that he island was named actually after the Portuguese navigator, Fernando Po. Mr. Po discovered it in 1472. In 1778, Portugal ceded the island to Spain under the Treaty of El Pardo.

A ccording to Bicol historical sources, on Nov. 2, 1896, two Bicolano revolutionary fighters, Ramon Abella and Mariano Arana, were deported to West Africa. This was two months before Dr. Jose P. Rizal was executed at the Luneta by Spanish soldiers and Filipino members of the Guardia Civil. They were banished to Fernando Po together with eight other Filipino revolutionaries from Manila. Abella, Arana and the other Filipino exiles were never heard from again and they presumably died on Fernando Po.

Ramon Abella was the son of Manuel Abella, a native of Nueva Caceres (now Naga City). Manuel Abella was 60-years old when he and 12 other fellow Bicolanos faced the firing squad in Bagumbayan in January 1897 (a week after the Rizal martyrdom). Arana was a government surveyor.

Now if there were 13 Bicolanos executed in Luneta, Manila, in January 1897, then there were two other Bicolnon heroes (Ramon Abella and Mariano Arana) exiled to Africa and Leon Hernandez (who was tortured to death in a prison in Nueva Caceres), the total should be 16. Perhaps the Philippine National Historical Commission and the Bicol historians can settle the real score.

Life for the Filipino exiles on the boot-shaped island of Fernando Po was certainly a cruel and painful banishment. The volcanic island is 44-miles long and about 20-miles across. The island has a hot and humid climate. In the 1890s it was practically uninhabited. Buried somewhere on the now-called "Bioko" island are the bones of the Bicolano and Filipino revolutionary heroes. In the late 1990s, this writer proposed that a mission be sent to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to exhume the remains of the exiles. Their identities can now be determined by DNA tests. But Bicol regional and Filipino national leaders did not listen to this writer. Perhaps next year, this writer and his friends may be able to gather the resources to mount a historic expedition to Bioko Island and look for the remains of the fallen Filipino heroes. If successful, perhaps their bones could finally be reburied at an appropriate site where full honors could be given to their heroism and ultimate sacrifice for Filipino freedom and complete independence. # # #


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