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Researcher: Maria Elizabeth Embry

                  Hamlin Ct

                  Antioch California


Pensionados & Students

8/26/1903 Pensionado Act ( Act 854) colonial Philippine Commission sent group of Filipino students to the U.S. to study (1903-1910). Non-sponsored students were sent by their affluent family, wards of others or self-supporting employed students (history tidbits-famous Filipino pensionado of Spanish colonial government Juan Luna, the painter)




** after the name are government pensionados


Leandro ABISTANA born 1890 Philippines arr via Oceanic 11/17/1909 “student; steerage passenger; brother: Vincent Cebu Philippines” “destination: Indiana

Candido M. Africa born 10/2/1895 Lipa Batangas; died 2/12/1945 Manila; doctoral degree, tropical medicine London; Harvard Universityl & John Hopkins University (1930-)

Honoria Acosta (Sison)** born 12/30/1888 Calasiao Pangasinan; pensionada 1904-1909 Women’s College of Pennsylvania medical degree; 1st Filipino lady physician; UP professor; awarded Presidential Medal for medical research (1951)

Juan Bautista ALEGRE born1882 Sorsogon, Philippines; (Ellis Island arr via Arabic 12/4/1903; arr via Etruria 9/10/1904 manifest line #0001 page 98 "Philippine Island student destination Grand Union Hotel NY"  arr via Teutonic 2/2/1905 “student Yale University”; arr. via Monserrat 8/12/1914 32y, w/ wife & son; “New Haven before”) (Notes by M.E. Embry: New Haven-Yale CT); member Philippine Senate, 1920; 1922-1928; one of the financiers of Philippine Herald newspaper; deceased before 1934 (Source:

Godofredo Campo Alinio born 11/8/1895 Philippines; died 2/23/1980 New York listed 1930 census Brooklyn New York; w/ fellow students-Paul Avancena (born 1902) Jose Fernandez (born 1900), Gaudencio Menor (born 1906), Rustico Perucho (born 1905)

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo born 4/5/1947 Manila; Pres of the Philippines (2001-) Georgetown University; daughter of former Pres. Macapagal; classmate of Pres Clinton

Paul Avancena born 1902 Philippines listed 1930 census Brooklyn New York; w/ fellow students-Paul Avancena (born 1902) Jose Fernandez (born 1900), Gaudencio Menor (born 1906), Rustico Perucho (born 1905) Godofredo Alinio (born 1902)


Apolinario Baltazar ** from Manila; pensionado @ Cornell University

Felix Angelo Bautista born 5/20/1896 Malolos, Bulacan Master of Laws, Georgetown University, SC Associate Justice 1950-1956

Conrado Benitez ** born 11/26/1889 Pagsanjan Laguna; died 1/4/1971; pensionado (1911) to the University of Chicago (1957 Distinguished Alumnus Award); lawyer;  Dean, University of the Philippines; Phil Dept of Economics head; Jose Rizal College Pres.; husband of Francisca Tirona, (founder of Phil Women’s University 1913); father of Sen Helena Z. Benitez; brother of Francisco Benitez, another pensionado

Francisco Benitez ** born 6/4/1887 Pagsanjan, Laguna; died 6/30/1951; pensionado 1905 @Western Illinois State Normal School; U.P  College of Education Dean; Secretary of Public Instruction, 1946, Columbia University Medal  (1929). citation of merit (Education) by Pres. Quirino; brother of Conrado Benitez

Jorge Bocobo ** born 10/19/1886 Gerona Tarlac; died 7/23/1965; left via ship Rochilla Maru a w/ the other 100 1st pensionados; (1903); Indiana University law grad (6/1907); University of the Philippiness Pres (1934-1939);

Pedro Bunuan medical student Source: 1930 NY census House#74 Dwelling #44 family#380  resident of Johnson St Track 11 Block J 1st Assembly District Brooklyn Kings County NY; living w/ two brothers- Bibiano & Bernardo ( view for Bernardo)


Jose C. Campos, Jr. born 4/9/1923 Dasmarinas, Cavite Masters of Laws, Yale Law School, (1952); University Business Management Institute, University of Kentucky, (1961); Graduate Courses on University and College Administration, Michigan State University, 1961 SC Associate Justice 1992-1993


Lino Juan CASTILLEJO born 9/3/1894 Philippines; arr via La Bourdonnais 12/4/1923 "graduate college Princeton University N.J; Source:1920 Wash D.C. census Roll T625_210 page 2B ED 167 Image 0529 household of Teodoro Yangco "secretary" Source: WW1 Draft Reg. Wash DC
1915 teacher-student @ Philippine Normal College, wrote (w/ Jesusa Araullo) the 1st play written in English "A Modern Filipina; view


Aniceto CORDIRO ** born 1891 Philippines arr via Antonio Lopez 10/12/1911 w/ Francisco Munoz “student” “brother Alejo from Batangas

Irene R. Cortes born 10/20/1921 Legaspi City; LL.M; S.J.D. DeWitt Fellow; Graduate Fellow, University of Michigan SC Associate Justice (1987-1990)

Nicanor CRUZ born 1891 Manila Philippines arr via Buenos Aires 9/10/1913 w/ Joaquin Lopez University of PA” “mother Carmen Garcia” scholar


Mariano Honrado. De Joya ** born 9/8/1887 Batangas, Batangas; Bachelor of Law,Indiana University, 1906; Masters of Laws, Yale, 1907; SC Actg Associate Justice, 6/1945; resigned on 6/25/1946


Ramon EXITO born 1887 Pontevedra Negros Philippines arr via Antonio Lopez 5/13/1913 w/ Max Tapanlangit “father Thomas Rizal St” “student” “friend Wallen Elwood Armsterdam NY”



Vicente FABELLA born 1891 Philippines arr via Buenos Aires 9/10/1913 w/ Salvador Unson “Juan Fabella relative Pagsanhan; student University of Chicago"; 1st Filipino Public Accountant; founded Jose Rizal College in the Philippines (1919)

 Florentino P. Feliciano born 3/14/1928 Manila JSD, LLM, Fellow, 1952-1955 Yale University, SC Associate Justice1986-1995

 Jose Fernandez born 1900 Philippines; listed 1930 census Brooklyn New York; w/ fellow students-Paul Avancena (born 1902) Jose Fernandez (born 1900), Gaudencio Menor (born 1906), Rustico Perucho (born 1905) Godofredo Alinio (born 1895)


Jose Garrido born 1891 Manila, Philippines; arr via Montevideo 6/10/1913; student; “Joaquin of Calle Real 228 Intramuros Manila-father”; destination: NY

Lucio John GODINO born 3/8/1908 Samar Philippines arr via George Washington 6/30/1924 w/ Teodoro Yangco; student; (see notes for his Siamese twin brother, Simplicio Godino)


Simplicio Joseph GODINO born 3/8/1908 Samar Philippines arr via George Washington 6/30/1924 w/ Teodoro Yangco; ship manifest born "3/2/1908 Sulat Phil Is" AKA Godino or Godina Siamese Twins with his twin (Pygopagus- positioned back to back & joined @ the base of the spine) brother Lucio.They were on Coney Island sideshow circuit @ 11 yrs old until adopted by Teodoro Yangco after Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC) published their complaint that the twins had no official guardian. Teodoro Yangco, the diplomat-philanthropist provided them w/ good education. student; Later, after the twins marriage (1929) to identical non-conjoined twin sisters-Natividad (Simplicio) & Victorina (Lucio), they all performed in vaudeville acts in North & South America. They were accomplished bandleaders, dancers, roller skaters
Source: Time 12/7/1936 issue "Siamese Severed"twins "firmly bound @ the tail bones by a link of muscle, fibre and intestine.Simplicio's digestive tract ended in a blind pocket of gut about half an inch short of where it should have ended. He drained through the connecting link into his Brother Lucio's normal colon".Lucio died in York Hospital after contracting pneumonia in 11/1936. Dr. Hippolyte Marcus Wertheim performed an emergency surgery to separate the healthy Simplicio from the dead body of his twin brother. A few days later & Simplicio would also die of cerebro-spinal meningitis Listed in the 1920 Wash D.C. Census "ward of Teodoro Yangco".Listed in the 1930 Manhattan New York Census w/ their wives (Natividad & Victorina) "actor theatrical" "Actress theatrical" other source "open for research" 14 photos The Musicians Collection Henry Ransom Humanities Research Center The University of Texas @ Austin RLIN Record ID TXRC 99-417


Hugo E. Gutierrez, Jr. born 1/29/1927 Lubao, Pampanga University of Michigan Law School, 1965; De Witt Fellowships Fulbright-Hayes Grant Associate Justice (1982-1993)


Delfin Jaranilla ** born 12/24/1883 La Paz, Iloilo; 1903 pensionado; Tennessee State University & Georgetown University SC Associate Justice 1945-46


Enrique L. “Henry” Jurado born 1911 Philippines; WW11 casualty; killed 10/19/1944 by a competing band of guerillas; Major; Army U.S. Naval Academy 1934 grad M.S. M.I.T.



Princess Tarhata (Putli) Kiram Universty of Illinois (notes by M.E. Embry learned about this princess from Pociano Del Valle, my grdfather who was a pre-WW2 homesteader in Kidapawan Cotobato)


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